Indoor parties



Classic party + personalised gifts

  • Up to 4 guests included
  • Hand-crafted CE marked individual tents
  • Personalised pamper or wash bag for each guest
  • Choice of Bells & Whistles theme
  • Comfy foam mattresses 160cm x 70cm
  • 100% organic cotton fitted sheets
  • Fluffy, anti-allergy pillow and duvets sets
  • Cosy blankets and cushions
  • Twinkling fairy lights & lanterns
  • Garlands, bunting and decor
  • Breakfast trays
  • Each extra guest £65
  • 8 guests maximum

Outdoor parties

Mermaid Cave Sleepover

Mermaid Cave


Sleeps up to 5 guests

  • Fully waterproof canvas 4m harlequin bell tent
  • Mermaid themed from top to toe
  • Pitching space: 6m x 6m
  • Air mattresses
  • Warm bedding & Cosy blankets
  • Cushions, garlands, bunting & Decor
  • Twinkling lights & Glowing lanterns
  • Rugs & handy tables

Activity Tent


Ideal for dining or games

  • Complements the Mermaid Cave
  • Fully waterproof canvas 4m harlequin bell tent
  • Pitching space 6m x 6m
  • Lighting and decorations
  • Floor rugs
  • Activity table (activities not included)

Bell Tent Sleepovers


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