Add-ons and extras

Add a sprinkle of magic to your Bells & Whistles sleepover experience


Party Treats

From glitter face painters to bespoke crafting activities - like tie-dye T-shirt making or denim jacket customisation - we’ll find the right tried and trusted activities to add a sprinkle of magic to your Bells & Whistles experience.


Spa experience

Includes robe, mirror, headband, face towel, face scrub, facemask, brush applicator, cucumber slices, step-by-step instructions and a natural facemask recipe.

From £25 pp

Personalised pamper bags for your sleepover

Personalised pamper bags

Luxury eye mask, cosy socks, mini nail varnish, festival wristband/hairband, face gems or glitter tattoos.

From £20 pp

Bells & Whistles premium sleepover parties come with a personalised wash bag full of treats and toys

Personalised wash bags

Cosy socks, micro torch, bamboo toothbrush, themed transfers, 3-in-1 karabiner-compass-thermometer.

From £20 pp


Personalised Gowns and PJs

Personalised dressing gowns or PJs are the ultimate party gift. We just need the names of your guests.

From £20 pp


Midnight Feast Hampers

Made-to-order, individual midnight feast hampers are available containing a selection of goodies specified by you. From £10 pp


Eco balloon garlands

Balloon installations look amazing, adding colour and wow-factor! Let us know what you have in mind and we will put a bespoke quote together for you. From £50 per meter


Dressing up box

A fancy dress selection on loan for the evening featuring a range of fun costumes, props and hats! Please ask for details

DIY kits

We offer 4 off-the-peg activity kits:

Activities in a box

Build a bear
Our adorable build a bear activity kits come with a whole range of furry friends to choose from. We even have our eco turtle friend who is made entirely from recycled materials. Each bear comes with their own passport, travel box, heart and step by step instruction card. From £20 per bear
Tye Dye Kit
DIY Tie-Dye Kit including optional t-shirt or cloth bag, 5 different fabric dye colours bottled, rubber bands, plastic gloves, plastic bag, protective plastic table cloth, its time to explore and be creative with your designs. Step by step card included. £15 per kit
Friendship bracelet making kit
A cute jewellery making kit, full of glass pearls, crystals and seed beads (tiny beads!). Easy to clip on (and swap around) charms include a silver themed charms. This kit makes three different bracelets - an adjustable friendship bracelet, stretchy bracelet and a festival style ribbon wristband. To finish off the kit, it also includes a ribbon necklace! Choose from: Mermaid, fairy, unicorn, woodland, sparkle, flamingo or love hearts! £15 per kit
Lets go Lego kit
Our customisable Lego party kits are full of action and creativity. Including a Lego toy to build, stickers, games and surprises. £15 per kit
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